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We design and produce skincare hampers making the best birthday presents and celebration gifts, delivered straight to your door, nurturing lasting relationships, one gift at a time.

Our sustainable boxes and beautiful print work have been designed with nature, the seasons and storytelling in mind.

Some of the items are uniquely designed as part of our limited edition hampers, and we love to keep our collections seasonal, so we could include some vintage on-trend print fabrics and seasonal ingredients.


Lauraylola is proud to be an approved Made in Devon member. Made in Devon is a buy-local scheme, run by Devon County Council, made up of independent, Devon businesses that have been Trading Standards Approved.

Buying Made in Devon you support a local, legal and transparent companies that goes out of its way to support the Devon economy, communities and the environment.


Our Gift Boxes, Cosmetic products, Textile products and Soy Candles are made and packed entirely in Exeter, Devon. Cosmetic ingredients, Candle making ingredients & textile fabrics are locally sourced wherever possible.

They are carefully selected but not all can be sourced within Devon so some are sourced from national suppliers. We continue to look for ways to source our ingredients locally.

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We design and create a range of assessed Cosmetics Products using different techniques. From Syndet Solid Shampoo Bars & Cold Processed Soaps, to Melt & Pour Soaps for more intricate designs, or Salt Soap typical from our stunning seaside in the South West England.

Our soap bars are hand-made and cut, and each have their own, unique blend of skin loving plant and nut oils. The gentle essential oil we use are created from steam distilled flowers, petals or fruit. Our cold processed soaps are allowed to cure and mellow for 6-8 weeks until ready.

All our Cosmetic Products hold Cosmetic Safety Assessments and are listed and regularly updated on the UK Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS).

We are a member of The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers (GCSTM), a non-commercial peer support network which provides information and guidelines about handmade soap crafting and the EU legislation that regulates the cosmetics and toiletries industry. 



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Our beautifully artisanal soy candles have been hand-poured in Exeter, and have been fragranced with notes inspired by the emotive memories of the ever-changing seasons. Our soy candles are allowed to cure for at lest 10 days.


Hand made stitched patchwork accessories and cute quilted makeup bags, in different designs and sizes. Each item is handmade and therefore may have slight variation in pattern and design. These are unique, one-of-a-kind traits that ensure that no two are exactly the same.


We give nature a helping hand by using plastic free, compostable or reusable packaging. 

Fully compostable items that naturally breaks down over time quickly and safe are used to protect our items while shipping. Shredded wood wool, cardboard letterboxes, kraft padded mailing bags made from cellulose wood fibres, or long life-span drawstring bags and furoshiki wrapping cotton squares that can be reused to top your homemade jams, chutneys & pickles.

We love to be able to include items that can be used multiple times, like tins for our clay mask, or soap savers made of recycled plastic bottles. Specially as a part of our Hamper Collection we include a diverse range of fully repurposed antique raffia woven trinkets, and even we make our own origami boxes.

Our small batch, Exeter based manufacturing processes produce very little waste and our energy consumption is low too. And we deliver with our gorgeous vintages bikes locally whereas possible.


We would love to know what you think, so if you’ve got any feedback or you are unsure about anything, please ask us for more information. Just click on the contact button and send us a message at Info@lauraylola.com. Alternatively you could reach us in any of our social channels at @lauraylolacom, we are just an email away.
Love & Joy